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our financial planning services

Holistic financial planning and advice to help you take control of your financial wellbeing - now and for the future.

Our financial advice services are designed to support your unique situation and goals. And by tailoring our strategy and approach as your needs change, we build enduring relationships that serve you through every phase of your life.


Quality Financial advice starts with understanding you and what is important to you. Once we understand your goals and what you would like to achieve, we can then start to consider suitable strategies and recommendations to help bring your financial plan to life.

A long term financial plan is often referred to being “a marathon, not a sprint”, meaning that the best financial plans take time to come together and generally plan for your longer term needs as well as your short term needs. 

We work with you over the short, medium and long term, and stand beside you the entire way advising you and assisting you through all lifes ups and downs and help you enjoy the success of achieving your goals.


There are lots of investments to choose from that can help us build wealth towards achieving our goals and objectives.


Finding the right investment to meet your goals and provide the benefits and features suited to your unique set of objectives and risk tolerances can sometimes be tricky, however that’s what we do.


We can help you understand the types of investments available to you, and help you find suitable investments to help you achieve your ultimate goals.


It’s important to understand that superannuation is “Your Money”. A lot of people forget about superannuation, or are generally disengaged with superannuation. This is typically due to them being unable to access the funds, or, that retirement seems that far away it is not a reality as yet.

Regardless of how old you are, ensuring your superannuation is in line with your current needs today can help change the lifestyle you lead in retirement.

Do your future self a favour and have a chat to us today to ensure your superannuation is in the best position to provide you with the best retirement.


Understanding your cash flow is the key to financial success. Knowing not only what income you have coming in, but also the amounts you have going out is essential to understanding if your financial goals are achievable. 

Good budgeting starts with understanding your cash flow as it is today, what are your current incomes, and what are your current outgoings. 

Some people are comfortable with their current budget / cash flow, however some others need a little help identifying areas for improvement. Either way it is essential to understand your current cash flow in order to adequately plan for the future.


Financial Advice isn’t all about investment. The best financial advice will also consider the risk to you and your family. A comprehensive discussion around risk management is essential to protecting your financial position and families wellbeing. 

Personal Insurances can help provide important financial help at times when you most need it, to help you meet your ongoing financial and living commitments, but to also help keep you on track to meeting your overall financial goals and objectives.


We often find that business owners are very busy people. We also notice that business owners are exceptional at running their business and generally do a fantastic job with this. 

The one thing we also notice is that for a lot of business owners, they never actually get around to thinking about the following:

  • When can I financially afford to exit the business?

  • When do I really want to get out of the business?

  • How do I go about exiting the business?

  • What happens if something unexpected occurs and I am forced out of the business?

For most people, entering business is an investment, and we should start with the end in mind and know when the ultimate time to exit is.

We can assist you to help understand this and plan to allow you the peace of mind knowing you are on track to achieve your goals and that you have someone to stand along side you to guide you through this process.


Retirement is the time in life when we get to enjoy the fruits of the hard work we have put into our working life.


For this reason we feel it is essential to have a long term plan to allow you to have the best chance of having the retirement you dream of and deserve. 

It's never too soon, or too late, to plan for retirement.


If you haven’t started to plan for retirement as yet, today is the best day to start. Feel free to call us to discuss how.


Depending on your needs, we offer a full-service, ongoing advice fee structure with a fixed annual fee-for-service, or you can work with us on a transactional basis and pay the quoted fee for a specific transaction or item of advice.  The ongoing advice fee will vary according to the complexity of the client's requirements and the hours required to provide and manage the advice. 


If you would like to learn more about financial advice fees and how they are structured, please read our article in the News section.

You're also welcome to call us for an obligation-free conversation so we can learn more about each other and start to understand what you might need help with.


Luke Jensen has been our Financial Advisor for in excess of 7 years, in that time our SMSF has been achieving very pleasing results under Luke’s guidance. Luke is easy to talk with, he listens intently, and he is very knowledgeable and courteous, combined with a high degree of professionalism and service, which delivers level of comfort to the relationship. As Small business owners facing changing circumstances it really important to know that Luke is there working to provide a sound future and a strong SMSF.
~ Jeff Maurice

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